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Strategy and Special Hands Class

SOLD OUT and Postponed until further notice!! For advance beginners, intermediate and advanced players! Learn advanced Strategies and perfect your special play hands and more about how to play those evil 7's and Aces! Lite Lunch and snacks incl.

Beginner Canasta Lessons and all Supervised Play, postponed until further notice! Please stay healthy and quarantine! We will appreciate our canasta family even more when this virus subsides! In the meantime, I am always available by email to answer your canasta questions!! We WILL meld again!!!

Learn this game in a very fun and social atmosphere! Classes on UWS. Sign up now before we sell out!
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Supervised Play/Strategy Sessions

NYC Canasta Club, Modern Canasta, Supervised Card Playing, Play Cards
  • Have you just learned how to play Modern American Canasta and not comfortable going out into the “real canasta world?”
  • Have you played a while ago and unsure of your canasta abilities?
  • Have you just moved to NYC and want to make canasta friends
  • Have you just retired from your job and looking to fill your new found hours with some canasta play?
  • Have you mastered the beginner game and looking for some clever strategy tips and play?


Just looking for a fun 2 hour canasta game with friends or new friends? Then these sessions are for you!! All levels of play are welcome and The Canasta Coach looks forward to melding with you!!
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Learn More About Canasta

Elyse on Fox 5 News


Canasta Special Hands #1

Canasta Special Hands #2

Canasta Special Hands #3

Canasta Special Hands #4


We laughed, drank wine, made  some new friends and learned canasta in a very fun way!!

Laurie W., Monmouth Beach, NJ

Elyse taught us so much strategy, I feel like I could play with any level player now!

Nicole S., New York City

Elyse’s classes were so much fun and I met the nicest people while learning the game!

Paul B., New York City

I can’t believe my wife talked me in to taking Canasta lessons, but I actually had a great time learning and drinking with friends!!

Walter K., Manalapan, NJ